12 Bedrooms That Will Make You Want to Redecorate

There’s no place more meaningful in the world than the one that hosts your dreams.

We’ve all lived in crappy apartments and dared not dream of having Million Dollar Decorators come and transform our sleeping quarters into a fantasy bedroom.

But it feels nice to be all grown up; and while chances are you won’t start planning a full redecoration after finishing this article, there’s this wonderful feeling deep down that our dream bedroom is just a bit closer to becoming a reality.

Having spend the best part of the day looking at pretty bedrooms on Pinterest — and coming up with bedroom decor ideas for no good reason — I thought I might just as well share some of the fabulous bedrooms I found with you:

#1 Green, leafy bedroom

Image source

#2 Stylish, inviting bedroom

Image source

#3 Inverted loft bedroom

Image source

#4 Dream-inducing bedroom

Image source

#5 Just-a-touch-of-color-makes-for-a-lighter-sleep 🙂

Image source

#6 Minimal design, black backdrop

Image source

#7 Fairytale-inspired, extremely cozy bedroom

Image source

#8 Farmhouse bedroom

Image source

#9 NYC-style bedroom

Image source

#10 Enchanting bedroom lost in a tree forest

Image source

#11 Artful bedroom

Image source

#12 Rustic bedroom

Image source

I’ll admit it, my choices were a bit hectic; and if I were to settle on a style, I’m not sure which one I’d go with.

How about you? Which bedroom would you go for?

Written by Georgiana Mihaila

The main wordsmith behind all those Fancy Pants Homes. Avid reader and a sucker for superhero movies. Read, write, and dream real estate.

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