Planning to Buy a Home and Have No Clue How to Pick a Realtor? Here’s a Little Help

If you’ve decided to take the leap and buy a home, but have no idea how to find a reliable professional to help you out, know that you’re not alone.


We know the theory: as home buyers, we’re not equipped with the necessary know-how to sail smoothly in the vast seas of real estate.

And that’s why we seek the help of real estate professionals. People trained in the art of the business, familiar with the area, who can make a distinction between a good deal and a bad one — and negotiate your way to a more favorable offer.

But here’s the trick: if you’ve never worked with a Realtor before (to rely on past experience), how do you find one? Better yet, how do you know if the one you do find is any good?

A quick Google search for ‘best real estate agents in my area’ will return a shitload of results. But they’re either paid ads or aggregators meant to promote a select few agents — that are, at times, only fronts for teams of tens of agents, working under a more famous real estate broker that is recognized within the community.

So knowing where to look becomes just as important as knowing what to look for. Here’s some information to help you with both aspects, courtesy of the almighty Reddit.

First-time homebuyer advice from Reddit

One smart first-time homebuyer turned to Reddit for help. He posted a candid message: Anyone have tips for picking a real estate agent for buying a house. I am a first time buyer and have no idea what I am doing

And people (Realtors included), were happy to offer advice. We’ve selected some of the most helpful ones, but make sure to check out the Reddit thread as well:

Hiring family or friends that are in the real estate business 

Happen to have someone you know well that is an experienced real estate agent? But maybe there’s a little voice in your head telling you that business and family don’t mix?

Well, you’re not the first! And here’s what Redditors had to say on the matter, when one user asked whether he should work with a friend’s mother when buying a house:

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